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Business Directory

BUSINESS DIRECTORY – Since the onset of the Covid 19 crisis during March 2020, many small businesses and entrepreneurs were forced to close their shops and many people had to start working from home. In many cases it resulted in businesses loosing public visibility, resulting in fierce competition for small businesses and entrepreneurs trying to outrank large corporations to become more visible on the first page of search engine search results, and also to become more visible on social media.

With a small marketing budget, it is still not an easy task for small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with the large corporations with millions to spend on marketing campaigns.  Before the internet, people used Phone Books and the Yellow Pages to find each other and businesses in their local communities, however printed Phone Books and the Yellow Pages are long gone and were replaced by Online Directories.

Although most people are nowadays using internet search facilities, many communities are still using online directories when searching for local businesses. Furthermore Online Directories often result in small businesses being listed high up in search engine search results, simply because the combined advertising effort of all the businesses being listed in the directory, is often enough to compete against the corporate giants.

So please join our Online Business Directory and help to spread the word. It is a people telling people network, where everybody benefits from the effort of their peers when they share their own directory listings via social networks, mobile messages and other marketing material.


Since the early days of the Covid 19 crisis, it became clear that Governments, Big Tech and the Mainstream Media are selectively censoring the internet, and that many facts are being hidden from the public. The only solution to overcome this indoctrination and propaganda, is to reveal to the public the websites and alternative internet resources to ensure that people get the broader picture, and come to their own conclusions about fact and fiction.

Censoring information does not provide a balanced perspective on world events as it only exposes one side of s story. We believe that people should be free to form their own opinions after hearing both sides of a story. That is why it is a good idea to bookmark this website where you can share and discover much more than what you will get from search engines alone, and where you can also share your business with our visitors.

So please hop over to the Business Directory to list your business venture, and also share it with your friends so that they may follow in your footsteps.

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