The world witnessed unprecedented events in recent years, ranging from global health threats, the lock-down of people across the world, natural disasters, stock market crashes, eminent wars and much more.

AT WEB is an initiative started in South Africa as result of deliberate global crises that were planned, designed and staged by technocracy to install fear and compliance amongst people through misinformation and disinformation, in an effort to subject people to a tyrannical New World Order where a few wealthy elites want to rule and reshape the world to their vision of an utopia, where common people will be happy to own nothing while serving the interests of the elite.

It is not a conspiracy theory or new phenomenon. Through the ages there were kings, priests and rulers who subjected people to their will and rule by suppressing people and their freedoms, to serve the interests of those in powerful positions. In modern times it however became a human rights violation frowned upon when people in power impose draconian rules on society.

Therefore people in power resorted to mind-games, propaganda, mass hypnoses and other tricks to achieve their goals. Draconian rules inevitably result in rebellion when people realize that they are duped and abused by those in power. That is why the modern strategy is to slowly erode the freedoms and rights op people by slowly turning on the heat without people realizing what is happening to them.


We connect common people to family friendly internet resources that are obscured by technocracy, secret agreements, commercial interests, political agendas and narratives pushed on society by influential groups; to enable people to discover hidden facts and truths. We therefore host facilities to worthy individuals and interest groups to provide them with a voice and opportunities to reach out to the world with messages of love, hope, opportunity and to share knowledge and experiences amongst peace loving nations.


We believe in a world where:

  • every human being was created equal before a Creator.
  • people have the natural ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.
  • people live in harmony with other people and with nature irrespective of what they do.
  • people have the freedom to choose to do what is right or wrong, but both have consequences.
  • people derive pleasure by living a meaningful life and contribute to the well-being of others.
  • knowledge and information should be freely available to enable people to develop to their full potential, and to distinguish between fact and fiction.